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August 2018 Press Release





2018 Highlights

'Don't Wanna'  Nature of Wires Remix voted

number 7 in the Artefaktor 2018 Poll


Nominated for the 'Best Electro Act 2018' Award

Wigwam Radio


Performed 'Dont Wanna' with Nature of Wires on the Ohm from Ohm tour.

Released Quasi-static Remix Album


Released I Never Thought single


Performed at Synthetic City Festival


Supported Spray on tour







Radio Play


BBC Introducing - Hereford & Worcester


Rusty Egan - Electronic Family Tree Show


Johnny Normal Show - Radio Warwickshire


Perfect Pop show - Artefaktor Radio


Neon Nights - Joy 94.9


Bridget Gray Show - Radio Warwickshire


New Music - Artefaktor Radio


In the Moog - NCCR Radio


NOSW Podcast - Radio MIC


Synthesize Me - Radio Plus


Nick Tylers Unsigned Pop Chart Show - EGH Radio


Radio Wigwam - BANDwagonII


Rob Harvey - Synth City - Pheonix98 FM


Radio Coolio


Analogue Trash Radio


Defsynth Radio


Dancefreedom Radio Show


WA12 Radio


The Slab - Switch Radio


Shift Radio


Beyond the Dawn Radio

Reviews - Interviews


Reviews highlights


"McLavy’s material is “…peppered with synth hooks, emotive melodies and simply good danceable rhythms”. The likes of ‘You Know’ are given much more of an impact on stage, courtesy of McLavy’s confident stage presence and equally strong vocals"

- Electricity Club


"We played “I’ll Take My Chances” on a recent podcast and it went over very well. Our audience loved it and so did we. Another tight four on the floor beat once again drives the song. The bass lines are a little more droning in this one while the sweeping keyboards on top keep your musical mind tripping. Awesome effects all around, this tune is perfect for the gym, the car or working around the house"

- Indie Music Plus


Review Links


Live - Synthetic City - Electricity Club


Quasi-static Review - Electricity Club


Electrostatic Review - Electricity Club


Electrostatic Review - Electronic North


Electrostatic Review - Indie Music Plus


Live - Silicon Dreams Review - Electricity Club





Electronic North


Artist PR


The Electricity Club




Beyond the Dawn








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Up coming events


16-03-19           Future Perfect

                           The Flapper



10-05-19           Weird Garden



29-06-19           TBC



Previous 2018 events



22-09-18               Synthetic City 2018


                             The Water Rats




29-09-18               supporting Spray

                             The Shed




19-10-18               supporting Spray





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0116 2230303